Renovation began in 1991, and over the course of more than a decade, HPD renovated 21 buildings.  The first buildings, 13 East 3rd Street and 71 East 4th Street, were vacant buildings that had been damaged by fires years earlier.   After these early buildings were completed, the City began renovating the occupied buildings.   57 East 4th Street, was one of the first occupied buildings to be renovated, and it soon became clear that renovating occupied buildings was too disruptive and costly.  CSC and the Cooper Square MHA got the tenants to agree to be temporarily relocated to other buildings while their permanent homes were totally renovated with hardwood floors, modern kitchens and 3-piece bathrooms.  Upon completion, there were relocated back into their homes.  This process was repeated for 21 buildings in the original MHA portfolio.  The last building, 89 East 3rd Street, which was added to the MHA program in the year 2000, was completed in 2006.  (Provide a chart showing the dates of the start and completion of renovations – Val has this chart… we can also provide before and after photos of a couple of the buildings).

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