59-61 East 4th Street

Residential Units: 3

Non-Profit/Cultural/Community Units: 11

Borough of Manhattan

Tax Map Block 460, Lot 56

Date Built: c.1911

Architect/Builder: Maxwell A. Cantor

Original Owner: J. & H. Bauman

Type: Commercial

Style: Renaissance Revival

Stories: 7

Material(s): Brick; stone; metal

Special Windows: Round-arch fenestration on the seventh story

Significant Architectural Features: Grouped fenestration interspersed with cast-iron columns; patterned brickwork; paneled spandrels; molded crown above the sixth story; molded architraves at the seventh story; molded cornice

Recent History: The City took title to the property in 1976, and transferred ownership to the ARC on 4th Street, Inc., a corporation consisting of multiple non-profit cultural and community organizations, in 2005.